Water is life! No human being on earth can live without water. Science has even proven that great consumption of water does the skin very well, hence the need to stay hydrated all the time. Not any kind of water is good for drinking. Tiffany Linnborn of Pro Gene water says it all. She’s in the business of helping us stay hydrated with Pro Gene Water, the pure alkaline water which is good for the body. Enjoy her interview with us..

I recently watched a commercial of Pro gene water on youtube and I loved it, how was the idea to your brand conceived?

Pro Gene Water was developed out of a necessity for a single bottled water to hydrate well trained athletes and everyday busy people alike that could not find true hydration in most bottled waters. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is, Tiffany Linnborn. I am the wife of a wonderful hard-working husband and mom to two wonderful amazing kids. I live a very busy life being a stay-at-home mom to these very active kids.

Our family lead a very active lifestyle. My kids enjoy gymnastics and martial arts giving their sports 32 hours of hard dedicated work each week. As for me; mom, I enjoy leading a healthy fitness oriented lifestyle by keeping active as well.
With our family being so active I like to keep us staying healthy by being health-conscious and feeding our bodies what it need as well as hydrating the right way with, Pro Gene Water. My family and friends enjoy the natural taste and added natural energy during and after hard workouts.
We can’t emphasize enough about how important water really is to us as human beings.Pro gene water contains alkaline which has benefits to the human body but some people still want to know. Is alkaline water better than ordinary water?
Unfortunately, almost every commercial brand’s water had a bitter metal aftertaste or way too low pH levels. Water cell penetration and absorption is dependent upon the size of the actual individual water molecules. This simply means that the lower the pH level of the water the larger the molecules will be. Bottled water pH levels go from acidic to alkaline with a pH range from 3.5 to as high as 10. A pH level of 7.0 such as found in most tap water is considered neutral with anything lower considered acidic and anything higher considered alkaline.
The health market for Alkaline water is really booming. What stands your brand out amongst the crowd?
I teamed up with Pro Gene Water because I believe in the product and love that natural spring taste while feeding my body with the hydration that it needs. I joined Pro Gene Water with one single purpose. To offer everyone the highest-quality, most delicious and healthiest alkaline water. Here at, Pro Gene Water we are a group of health experts, fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, moms and dads whom all share a passion for a healthy lifestyle.
While we won’t get into the large number of acidic bottled waters on the market we will get into the advanced hydration of our alkaline water. Pro Gene Water is derived from Sunny Southern California, purified then enhanced with hydrating performance electrolytes giving it an alkalinity level of around 9.5 pH. Pro Gene Water has been tested and endorsed by everyone from professional athletes, busy stay at home moms, medical professionals to the highly trained brave men and women in our United States Military.
What are the plans for your brand in a few years from now? Branching out to other projects/ideas?
We are proud to announce our new line of All Natural 8.0 pH Mineral Spring Water for those that want their water directly from the natural spring to the bottle. While most alkaline bottled water must be enhanced water with minerals to increase the pH level, our new All Natural 8.0 pH Mineral Spring Water has no additives, added electrolytes or purification. It is an All Natural Alkaline Water just the way God provided it. There are no added ingredients which leaves room for a natural crisp clean taste while enjoying the benefits of alkaline water with zero additives. Our All Natural 8.0 pH Mineral Spring Water is bottled at the source near Polar, Wisconsin.
Our water is sourced from Sunny Southern California and a Natural Mineral Spring in Wisconsin both EPA regulated sources and FDA Registered and Inspected Bottling Facilities.
Hydrate The Right Way!